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Romega Taqueria Vegan is coming to a music festival near you! 

We know that you're careful about what you eat, just like we are. Taking into account what our customers want at festivals, we decided to launch a Vegan specific menu to help festival goers find more options while they enjoy great music all over the country. 

Romega Taqueria Vegan will offer Vegan menu items that are also gluten free. 



Calabacitas | Salsa Verde | Pepitas

Soyrizo & Potato Hash

Jackfruit Carnitas | Pineapple Pico

Black Bean | Avocado | Pickled Red Onion

Sweet Potato | Srirachi Aioli

Avocado Bowl

Served in a Haas avocado shell, choose one of our taco fillings to complete your protein bowl


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